Are you on the fence? Have I piqued your curiosity? Are you just scrolling because the colors are pretty? In all three cases, there’s likely a question below, and an answer below it, that will spark your fancy.

How is this different from Patreon?

First, to be perfectly clear: this whole operation is powered by Patreon.

But the way I’m doing this is different from other Patreon-ers on two fronts:

  1. My patrons don’t get more of what I create (more comics, more articles, more podcasts, more whatever), or exclusive access to my creations.
  2. My patrons aren’t funding my work in just one dimenison (e.g., writing for a particular site, creating a particular podcast).

The relationship between me and my “patrons” is more similar to the historical usage of the word than the way most people are using it on Patreon.

I’m not viewing patrons as “super consumers.” I’m not creating for my patrons. We, together, are creating for the world. Like Shakespeare and his patrons.

Only I don’t expect you to be an Earl, and I surely hope you don’t expect me to be the Bard.

How much does it cost?

You choose my salary. My ask is that base it on what feels right for you, based on your financial ability, sense of gratitude or fairness, or whatever else moves you.

There’s no minimum (beyond the $1 threshold, which Patreon sets) no maximum, and you’re welcome to adjust what you pay every month.

Is the color scheme of this site based on a pair of socks and a scarf you own?


Do we get special benefits for being your employer?

You mean beyond the benefit of being able to – collectively, with one another and with me – take credit for all the good we’re doing? Yes! Here are three concrete things:

  1. Employer discounts on any physical thing I make: you can get anything for the base cost, or whatever beyond that you want to pay. Just ask.
  2. Participate in Quarterly Reviews: every three months you’ll get the chance to review my performance, and I’ll do a Q&A with my bosses.
  3. Insider perspective: get a full view behind the scenes of everything that goes into the things I make, publish, and do.

Is this legal?

I assume so. Granted, technically speaking, in a legal sense, you aren’t my “boss” — so you’re not on the hook for things like healthcare (don’t have it) or worker’s comp (hope I don’t need it).

Also, since we are speaking technically, my lawyer is a puppy. So I’ll hand this one over to Patreon.