Do you care about the work I’m doing? Be my boss and you’ll be directly involved in — and responsible for — everything I create, publish, or send out into the world. And it works like any employee/employer relationship:

  1. Pay me a monthly salary.
    You choose the amount ($1 per month minimum), based on what you think my work is worth, what’s in the budget, or how much you want to give.
  2. Oversee my day-to-day operations.
    I’ll share regular updates about what I’m working on, what my plans are, and what’s falling apart.
  3. Weigh in via polls and ideas.
    Let me know what you think I should be working on, and how I might be able to make you proud. Will I always follow direction? No. But…
  4. Fire me or give me a raise.
    Am I not up to your caliber? Lay me off. Am I outperforming your expectations? Give me a raise. My salary is in your hands.